Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feliç 2012

Benvolguts companys,

Us desitjo a tots un feliç 2012. No deixeu de pintar, penseu que durant aquest any que comença celebrarem el bicentenari de la campanya de Rússia, el de la batalla de los Arapiles i el 150 aniversari de la Guerra Civil Americana entre molts altres events.

A disfrutar-lo


Friday, December 23, 2011

XLIII on foot

One of the best experiences in my life occurred while I was living in Pennsylvania. I met a gentleman who invited me to his reenactent group, The 43rd on foot and I took part in the Battle of Germantown 2010 refight. I'm not new in reenactment. I take the role of a roman soldier every year in Tarragona but being in a line formation with more people firing blackpowder volleys was amazing!. You can feel the adrenaline rush inside your body and start guessing how could be in a real battle. I felt biting the cartridge, reloading and firing at the NCO orders as an automat. Trully it was awesome.

I post some pictures of the event. By the way, the redcoat with Union Jack of 43rd regiment at his back its me.

As a bonus, I post the painted 1/72 regiment prepared to assault Bunker Hill. Miniatures from ACTA (one of the best sets ever), painting with Vallejo and army painter and based to play "British Grenadier". Flags from "Flags for the Lads".

Monday, December 19, 2011

WSS French Dragoons

Following with the Barcelona 1714 project, I've converted some miniatures to create an unit of french dragoons. It seems that there where a Dragoon regiment in the Bourbon Left wing under the command of De Cilly. It comprised 300 troopers and took part in the last assault to the city forming in the third wave.
Little is known about this unit. It was called dragoons de Rochefort but not the uniform nor the flag are known so following the help of my catalan wargame fellows: I painted them red and blue and gave them the flag that can be downloaded from this site.

The conversion is an easy one using green stuff to model the hat. Nevertheless is may firts conversion and I'm quite happy with them. The original miniatures are GNW Russian Dragoons from Zvezda. Being a dragoon unit, it can fight both mounted or dismounted.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marquis de Cilly

The Marquis de Cilly was the commander of the left wing in front of Barcelona in 1714. It has a powerfull corps with 9 french bons and a regiment of dragoons.
Here is depicted with the colonel of La Marine regiment that formed at full strength with its three bons at Cilly's orders. An ADC dragoon is holding his horse at the rear.

The miniatures are Zvezda from three different sets: Artillery of Peter the Great (Cilly), Swedish infantry (the colonel) and dragoons of Peter the Great (ADC and horses), The dragoon have been converted by removing the tricorne and modelling a dragoon hat with green stuff.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking to the future

With november finished, its time to look at what I have done this month. There have been no painting but a lot of scenenry construction.
I have created a group of hills, some fencing for ACW/AWI games and a complete zulu village. I will post pictures of all of themm soon. I'm realy happy with the results.

As new things, my mate Francesc and myself are starting a new project of 28mm Terrible Sharp Sword (Yes the ACW game from too fat lardies). We are going to order a complete infntry brigade from the Perry's and divide the miniatures and the cost. For only 45pounds we can start playing the game because we are going to get 3 boxes of infantry: 108 miniatures to make a small company of union troops (my troops) and another small company of rebels plus two guns and a mounted officer (maybe the price for th winner of the first game).

On the other side, I'm slowlly building a Isabelino brigade for the First Carlist War.

In the following posts, pictures of the painted miniatures and the progress of my company during the war will appear.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Results and painting of October

I van say that DBArcelona was great. And my catalans finished in a 9th position (of 18 players) which is not bad. First a victory against Chinese Ch'in in the open, second I lost against achaemenid persians but I won an Early Lybian army (wow! someone playing with early lybians). I also against a Granadine army and I lost with the muslim conquest.

At the end, not bad two victrories in the open and one against lybians and a really enjoyable convention. I came back home full handed with 4 packs of Perry isabelinos that I will start painting shortly.

For the painting totals of the month:

- 1 british foot regiment for the Bunker Hill project from IMEX/ACTA: 16 figures in 1/72.
- 1 unit of natal mounted natives from Hat: 6 foot figures + 6 mounted and one horse in 1/72.
- 1 unit of french dragons for Barcelona 2014 project converted from Zvezda russian GNW dragons: 6 mounted + 6 foot + 2 horses in 1/72
- Lieutenant General Cilly, commander of the french left wing at Barcelona: 3 foot figures and 3 horses.

Total: 31 foot, 12 mounted and 3 horses all in 1/72.

Not bad for this month

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maurice. The new game from Sam Mustafa

Today I cheecked my email and I found a flyer from Sam Mustafa announcing his new game, Maurice (named after Maréchal de Saxe) a COMPLETE game for 1690-1790 period. When I say complete I mean: rules for tabletop battles + campaign game mechanics + some RPG rules to move the internal affairs of the realm that can directly affect on your command. Things of the style of: The King's nephew in 4th grade has received a command in your army and you MUST accept him and give a commanda according to his rank...Absolutelly awesome.

I'm really amazed with the idea of running a campaign in this period and I'm preparing armies in 1/72. Sam says that a table of 6'x 4' its enough and that about 50 bases/army its ok to play the campaign.

But please, check yourself the website and download the flyer.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wargaming Campaigns

I'm living a kind of "vintage wargaming nostalgia" so I started searching and I found the web site of John Curry, a Gentleman and editor who is building the history of wargame project. A place were you can find a lot of wargaming classics of Fathers of Wargaming like Charles Grant, Tony Bath, Paddy Griffith or Donald Featherstone. I purchased this book because I allways have been fixed with the desire of wargaming a true campaign with lines of comunication, attrition, flank marches... all the things you don't have in a "common" wargame.

The book has all this things and much more. It comes from an era where wargamers were WWII veterans (Featherstone fought in the Cassino campaign), teachers or historians: experienced wargamers that played with tie and suits! Awesome! Those gentlemen only had Airfix plastics as a cheap source of miniatures. In some cases they even cast their own miniatures.

Reading the book convinces you that everything is possible and accurate trully simulated with a little of imagination. Really, a good wargame doesn't need to be eyecandy or have a perfect layout. The thing is simulation. Obviouslly is better to have a model road than a chalk road but the budget doesn't have to limit you.

The book was written in 1970 and while some ideas are really repeated or updated in rules, magazines or websites, there are ideas that really thrilled me, like the "Matchbox method" to play a campaign without an umpire or the way in which lines of communication are simulated.

The book is a collection of ideas (and some of them really usefull) to convert a map campaign into a tabletop game. But it doesn't stop here, it also has a collection of 16 example campaigns ranging from a Viking raid to WWII. Especially interesting for me were the Agincourt Campaign (Chapter 15) and the Napoleonic Corps Campaign (chapter 18).

Well, to sum up: 227 black and white pages with few pictures and a lot of good ideas and suggestions for only 12.95 pounds. It's a really good volume for people who don't like to be held by blockbuster rules that "gives all you need" but feel like designed for championship.

Take a look at John Curry website to know more about the History of Wargaming project and to purchase some classics:

Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011

Well, if summer was awfull regarding to painted miniatures, september has been worse. Going back to work (I'm a teacher) was not refreshing and added to my daughter who is 9 months and started to crawl...I only painted a couple of French batteries for the Barcelona 1714 project.

I also got introduced in the scenery construction with a set of roads.

So... 2 batteries = 2 guns and 7 figures (a big gun has 4 artillerymen) all from Zvezda GNW Russian artillery.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scenery on a budget (I). Making roads

There is a time whem every wargamer feels that he needs more scenery. In my case, things went this way: I started years ago collecting and painting miniatures, last year I bought a table, a green cloth and some model trees and finally I made some fields out of an old carpet.
Well, after severall battles I feel that I need more things: roads, rivers, hills, a true forest (no scattered trees), a village, orchards, a fortress... My permanent problem is money. If I buy miniatures I cannot buy scenery so...

Well, in this first post I tried to make a modular road without spending too much money.


- 3 DM pieces of about 3mm and dimensions of 20x30cm.
- Modelling saw.
- Flint paper.
- Marker.
- Can of glue in spray for free, it was at home from a previous project.
- Sand for the texture, free it comes from the beach of Barcelona.
- Two big brushes, cheap from a craft store.
- Paint. From Vallejo, not model color but hobby craft line instead (the big ones).
- Green grass. The same I use for the bases. Free, I have a decent stock at home.
- Matt varnish

Total cost: Les than 15 Euros


With the marker, draw the road sections on the DM boards. I made straigh sections of 30cm (about 1ft) long and 5cm wide plus two "T" sections the same length and several irregular curved sections.


Cut the sections with the saw. They don't need to be perfect cut. After all its an earth road, not a padded way.


With the flint paper smoth the endings of the road


Spray the road sections with glue and cover with sand. Let dry


Paint the roads and drybrush with a lighter color if you want.


Put grass at the road limits and at the center.


Apply matt varnsih and let dry

At the end you get a decent road that in my case is capable to cover all my table in both directions.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Juliol/Agost 2011

Juliol/Agost 2011

Tenint en compte que les meves vacances han ocupat part de tots dos mesos i que durant les vacances poc he pintat, es pot dir que aquest mesos han estat bastant penosos pel que a calendari de pintat es refereix. Això no vol dir que no hagi pintat absolutament res. Alguna cosa s'ha fet.

Durant els dos mesos s'ha pintat:

Regiment Prinz Friederich del duc de Brunswick per a la Guerra Independència Americana. Les figures son de Hat en 1/72 i encara no estan a la venda. Son TestShots de la seva futura gamma de prussians per la Guerra dels 7 anys.

Continuant amb el Projecte Barcelona 2014 he pintat 4 companyies de la Coronela de Barcelona: fadrins sastres, taverners, ferrers i calderers i llibreters i flassaders. De Zvezda en 1/72

Finalment he tornat als 28mm amb una nova campanya. 1a Guerra Carlina. Infante Don Sebastian i estat major dels germans Perry. Absolutament fabuloses.


1/72 a peu:

Regiment Prinz Friederich @ 16 figures = 16
4 companyies de la Coronela @ 2 figures per companyia = 8

1/72 a cavall:

1 coronel del regiment Prinz Frederich = 1


Infant Don Sebastian i Estat Major = 3 figures muntades

Total: 24 figures de 1/72 a peu, 1 a cavall i 3 de 28mm a cavall.

July/August 2011

Taking into account that my vacations were between July and Auguts and that I have not paint anything during this period, I can say that both month have been a little bit discouraging referred to miniature painting. However it doesn't mean that nothing have been painted. There is always something that can be done.

In this two months I have painted:

Prinz Friederich regiment from Brunswick to be used in the American War of Independence. The miniatures are TestShots from Hat in 1/72 and are not for sale at the moment. They will be Prussian infantry for the 7YW.
Following with my Barcelona 2014 project I've painted 4 companies of the urban militia of Barcelona (Coronela de Barcelona). From Zvezda in 1/72

Finally I've started a new campaign in 28mm. 1st Carlist War of course with Perry miniatures. At this moment only with a command pack of Infante Don Sebastian and ADCs.


1/72 on foot:

Prinz Friederich regiment @ 16 figures = 16
4 Coronela companies @ 2 figures/company = 8

1/72 horse:

1 officer Prinz Frederich = 1


Infante Don Sebastian and ADCs = 3 figures on horse

Total: 24 figures 1/72 foot, 1 on horse and 3 in 28mm on horse.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 2011 painting Inventory

Aquesta vegada no he estat a la altura del mes passat però, això si, he complert amb la proposta del projecte Barcelona 1714-2014. En concret he pintat dos batallons del Regiment de la Marine i una bateria. Tots ells Borbònics però realment russos de Zvezda. També he començat a pintar figures per recrear la batalla de Bunker Hill (1775). De moment un batalló de milícia americana (IMEX/ACTA).Només penjo les fotos dels francesos perquè la milícia està esperant que els sigui entregada una bandera.
Les banderes son dels meus companys wargamers de Vilafranca:

Ha quedat així:

Juny de 2011
Infanteria 1/72: 2 batallons @ 10 figures per batalló = 20 figures. Russos de la Gran Guerra del Nord de Zvezda. Dues figures de cada batalló estan separades en una peana més petita per representar granaders que es poden destacar per formar regiments ad hoc.
Infanteria 1/72: 1 batalló @ 16 figures = 16 figures. De IMEX
Artilleria 1/72: 1 bateria @ 1 canó = 1 canó i 3 artillers. Artilleria russa de Pere el Gran de Zvezda.
Total: 39 figures a peu i 1 canó.


This month has not the same level as May because I have painted far less figures. However, I started my Barcelona 1714-2014 project with two Bourbon French bons of La Marine Regiment and one battery. In addition I’ve painted one American Militia unit for a Bunker Hill refight. I only post pictures of the French because the militia is waiting for his flag.
The French flags come from my fellow catalan wargamers:

Here is the summary:

June 2011
1/72 infantry: 2 bon @ 10 figures per bon = 20 figures. From Zvezda’s Russian infantry of the GNW. Two figures of each bon are based in a smaller base representing grenadiers that can be detached to form ad hoc units.
1/72 infantry: 1 bon @ 16 figures per bon = 16 figures. American militia from IMEX/ACTA
1/72 artillery: 1 battery @ 1 gun = 1 gun and three gunners. Zvezda’s Russian artillery of Peter the Great
Total: 39 foot figures, 1 gun

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Després de l'historial de la unitat, avui penjo les fotos del Regiment d'Ultonia.
Les miniatures son de Eagle en 28mm pintades amb Vallejo i The Army Painter. Les banderes d'Adolfo Ramos.


After posting the regimental history, today I post the pictures of the Ultonia regiment. Those are Eagle miniatures painted with Vallejo and The Army Painter. Flags from Adolfo Ramos.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Regimiento Irlandés Ultonia

Fou el tercer i últim regiment d’irlandesos que entrà al servei d’Espanya. El seu renom és “El Inmortal”.


Després d’haver combatut durant la Guerra Gran el regiment queda de guarnició a Girona amb únicament 73 oficials y 351 soldats.

Juny: 1r Setge de Girona. El general Duhesme amb una divisió intenta prendre Girona per sorpresa i ataca la ciutat (19-21/06). El sergent major del regiment Enrique O’Donnell, acompanyat dels granaders i de la milícia de Girona (Cruzada Gerundense) efectua una sortida i rebutja els francesos de les torres de Sant Lluís, Sant Narcís i Sant Daniel. Els francesos es retiren cap a Barcelona.

Juliol-Agost: 2n Setge de Girona (21/07-16/08). En una sortida (16/08) tropes del regiment claven l’artilleria que estava obrint bretxa al castell de Montjuic i provoquen la retirada francesa.

Octubre: El regiment es reorganitzat amb nous reclutes arribant a 300 homes agrupats en dos batallons. Passa a la divisió d’Avantguarda a l’Empordà.

Novembre-Desembre: 8 oficials y 118 homes són enviats a defensar Roses on combaten durant el setge (07/11-05/12). 30 baixes i la resta del destacament feta presonera.


El regiment queda reduït a 213 homes que protegeixen Girona. Un petit destacament és enviat a Tarragona.

3r setge de Girona 2/05-11/12

Juny: Sortida contra els atrinxeraments enemics (17/06). Un destacament creua les línies enemigues, arriba fins a Hostalric i torna a entrar a Girona amb 200 homes de reforç (20/06).

Agost: El mateix destacament torna a sortir fins a Hostalric i amb les tropes que allí hi havia combat a Banyoles (16/08). Aquest destacament no torna a entrar a Girona.

Setembre: Sortida per clavar l’artilleria enemiga (1/09), sortida per protegir l’entrada d’un comboi (05/09). El destacament exterior combat a Bàscara i ajuda a entrar un nou comboi. EL MOMENT DE GLORIA: Durant el que es coneix com El Gran Dia de Girona (19/09) rebutja l’assalt als baluards d’Alemanys i de Santa Llúcia. El Coronel Rodolfo Marshall mort a la bretxa. Les tropes exteriors entren l’últim comboi a la plaça (26/09).

Desembre: El MOMENT DE DESGRÀCIA: Girona es rendeix després d’un setge de més de 5 mesos. Les restes del regiment son fets presoners i internats a França. Es perden tres banderes.


A partir dels destacaments que havien quedat a l’exterior es funda el “Batallón de distinguidos de Ultonia” que combat fins al final de la guerra.


It was the third and last Irish regiment that entered in Spanish service. It was nicknamed “The Immortal”.


After having fought in the war against the French Republic, the regiment remained in garrison duty in Girona (Gerona in Spanish) with only 73 officers and 351 soldiers.

June: 1st Siege of Girona. General Duhesme, with one division (mainly Italians), tried a surprise against the city (19-21/06). The mayor of the regiment Enrique O’Donnell, with the grenadiers and the militia (Cruzada Gerundense) makes a sortie and attack the French at the towers of Sant Lluís, Sant Narcís and Sant Daniel. The French retreat towards Barcelona.

July-August: 2nd Siege of Girona (21/07-16/08). In a sortie (16/08) troops of the regiment spike the French artillery which was breaching the walls of Montjuic Castle thus provoking the French retreat.

October: The regiment is reorganized into 300 men grouped in two battalions.

November-December: 8 officers and 118 soldiers are sent to defend Roses (Rosas in Spanish) where they fight during the siege (07/11-05/12). The whole detachment minus 30 dead become prisoners of war.


The regiment is reduced to 213 officers and soldiers in Girona. A tiny detachment is sent to Tarragona.

3rd siege of Girona 2/05-11/12

June: Sortie against the French entrenchments (17/06). A detachment crosses the besieging lines, arrives at the fortress of Hostalric and returns to Girona with 200 men of reinforcements (20/06).

August: The same detachment arrives again at Hostalric and joins the troops there fighting at Banyoles (16/08). The detachment remains outside the city of Girona.

September: Sortie to spike the French artillery (1/09), sortie to protect a supply train that enters the city (05/09). The outer detachment fights at Bàscara helping in the entrance of a new supply train. MOMENT OF GLORY: During what is known as the Great Day of Girona (19/09) defends the bastions of Alemanys and Santa Llúcia against the French assault. The colonel Rodolfo Marshall dies in the breach. The outer troops enter the last supply train into the city (26/09).

December: MOMENT OF DISGRACE: Girona surrenders after a long siege (more than 5 months). What remains of the regiment is made prisoner of war. Three flags are lost to the enemy.


With the detachments that remained outside the city and new recruits the new regiment “Batallón de Distinguidos de Ultonia” is founded. The regiment fights until the end of the war.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Armeé Francaise

Tal i com vaig prometre a l'anterior post, aquí penjo les fotos de les miniatures pintades durant el mes de Maig. 3 batallons d'infanteria, dues bateries, els comandaments i els caçadors a cavall. Els dragons ja els tenia pintats. Els poso perquè així es veu la totalitat del meu exèrcit.


As I promised in my last post, here come my painted miniatures. All the units were painted in May except the dragoons. They form my french army.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Inventori pintura Maig 2011 / May 2011 painting inventory

Com em vaig proposar quan vaig escriure sobre el Projecte Barcelona 2014, al final de cada mes faré una valoració sobre la pintura.

Crec que durant aquest mes he batut rècords. Vam acordar amb en Francesc una batalla napoleònica a 1/72 amb tot allò que haguéssim pintat i jo només tenia una divisió de dragons (o sigui, la caixa d'Italieri). Em vaig posar mans a la obra i a final de mes he aconseguit 3 batallons d'infanteria de línia , 3 esquadrons de Caçadors a cavall de la Guàrdia, dues bateries d'Artilleria a Cavall de la Guardia i dues peanyes de comandants; una d'elles amb Napoleó en persona. Tenint en compte que treballo a temps complet i tinc una nena de 5 mesos, puc dir que estic bastant orgullós de la feina feta.

Així, la cosa queda de la següent manera:

Maig de 2011

Infanteria 1/72: 3 batallons @ 24 figures per batalló = 72 figures. Totes elles de Hat amb capot i uniforme de 1805.

Cavalleria 1/72: 3 esquadrons @ 2 figures per esquadró = 6 figures. Caçadors a Cavall de la Guàrdia d'Italieri.

Artilleria 1/72: 2 bateries @ 1 canó = 2 canons i 5 artillers. Artilleria a Cavall de la Guàrdia d'Italieri.

Oficials: General de divisió: 1 figura a peu i 1 a cavall, Napoleó: 3 figures a cavall i 2 a peu.

Total: 80 figures a peu, 10 a cavall i 2 canons.

El proper post amb les fotos.



As it was proposed, at the end of each month I will post my painted miniatures of the month. In this case I needed to work hard because my friend Francesc and me accorded to have a Napoleonic 1/72 battle with all our painted miniatures. At that time I only had a Dragoon division (the Italieri box) so I had to paint really fast to get a decent army. At the end of May I had painted three line bon, three squadrons of Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard, two batteries of Artillerie a Cheval of the Guard and two command stand, one of them with Napoleon himself. Having in mind that I have a full time job and my daughter is only 5 months old, I think that I can be proud of the job done.

Here is the summary:

May 2011

1/72 infantry: 3 bon @ 24 figures per bon = 72 figures. All of them Hat line infantry in greatcoats and 1805 uniform

1/72 cavalry: 3 squadrons @2 figures squadron = 6 figures. Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard from Italieri

1/72 artillery: 2 batteries @ 1 gun = 2 guns and five gunners. Horse artillery of the Guard

Command: Division general: 1 figure on foot and 1 mounted, Napoleon and staff: 2 figures on foot and 3 mounted

Total: 80 foot figures, 10 mounted figures, 2 guns

The next post will have the pictures

Friday, May 27, 2011

Natal Mounted Police

Avui penjo unes fotos de les últimes miniatures HAT que he pintat. Es tracta d'una unitat de "Natal Mounted Police" per a la Guerra Zulu. Les figures són una conversió molt fàcil de realitzar: la base són les "Zulu war Mounted Infantry" amb puntes d'agulla de cosir al casc per fer la punxa característica d'aquesta unitat colonial briànica. Vaig enviar les fotos a "Everything Toy Soldier" de la página web de HAT però encara estic esperant que les pengin. De fet crec que porten des de Febrer sense actualitzar-la. Les miniatures estan pintades amb Vallejo i els productes de The Army Painter.


Today I put the last HAT miniatures I have paint. Natal Mounted Police for the Zulu wars. They are an easy conversion from the Mounted Infantry box and using needle ends for the helmet points. I sent the pìctures to Everything Toy Soldier but they are not updating it since february (I think). The paintjob is with Vallejo and The Army Painter


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Barcelona 1714-2014

Aprofitant que s'acosta el tri centenari de l'onze de setembre he decidit posar mans a la obra per tenir enllestit un projecte que fa temps que em balla pel cap: El tercer setge de Barcelona durant la guerra de successió (si home, el de 1714). Val a dir que la feina feta pel grup de Vilafranca amb el seu projecte1714, els llibrets de despertaferro edicions i l'insuperable blog Defiant-principality m'ha acabat de decidir. Us en deixo els links per si no els coneixeu però crec que és difícil que no n'hagueu sentit a parlar.

Això si, ja fa uns dies que he tornat a les figures 1/72 i les d'Zvezda són massa bones. Així que aquesta serà l'escala escollida. Sempre queda allò de: no podràs fer els fusellers de muntanya, els dragons francesos o els granaders però ben mirat potser ja va sent hora d'iniciar-se en la massilla verda. Qui ho sap potser trec el dissenyador de miniatures que porto dins…

De moment he fet un càlcul aproximat de les miniatures i fent batallons de 10. Me'n vaig a més de 400! Tenint en compte que d'aquí a l'11 de setembre de 2014 queden 40 mesos toquen a més o menys un batalló cada mes. Tot plegat no sembla excessivament greu. Després de tot, cada capsa de russos té 43 figures i val uns 8€ així que amb menys de 100€ estan les miniatures comprades.

El meu problema és que tinc massa coses al cap i qui sap si el mes que ve no estaré pintant qualsevol campanya estranya. De moment el maig el tinc destinat a acabar un petit exèrcit francès en 1/72 per clavar una bona pallissa als russos del meu amic Francesc...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiració / Inspiration

Tornant al projecte El Hobbit en 1/72, vaig començar a buscar fonts d'inspiració: evidentment, és básica la còpia d'El Hobbit. La meva és en castellà de Minotauro. A més, el meu germà té el còmic adaptat per Charles Dixon i dibuixat per David Wenzel (l'estil de dibuix I l'estètica m'encanten) i jo sóc l'afortunat poseidor de l'Atles de la Terra Mitjana. Una font incalculable d'informació i referències que ben segur que seran ben utilitzades. Fins i tot hi ha aproximacions als ordres de batalla dels Camps de Pelennor i l'Engorjat de Helm…

English text

I started looking for information about the Hobbit. Of course, the main source of information will come from the book itself and I also can count on the comic book (this is owned by my brother) adapted by Charles Dixon and illustrated by David Wenzel (I love his style). In addition I'm the happy owner of a copy of the Atlas of the Middle Earth. It has a lot of useful information that I'm sure I'm going to use in the future like approximations to the orders of battle at Pelennor Fields or Helm's Deep.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Un altre projecte / A new project

Crec que el meu llibre preferit és El Hobbit. Ja el vaig llegir de ben petit i em va fascinar completament. La imatge que tinc tant del Hobbit com d'El Senyor dels Anells s'allunya bastant de la pel·lícula. Per mi Gondor és com Bizanci, Rohan com els visigots, Harad com els musulmans...Tinc bastantes miniatures de Mithril i m'encanta l'estètica del joc de rol d'ICE (o l'edició en català de Joc Internacional) o els dibuixos del difunt Angus McBride (al cel sigui).

Últimament he estat retornant a les miniatures de plàstic en 1/72. Dic retornant perquè quan era jovenet (ara en tinc 30) jugava a mb Airfix, Matchbox i aquells tancs de fabricació espanyola de la marca Eko. Algú els recorda? Moltes vegades, quan sortia de l'escola el meu avi me'n comprava algun en una botiga de la plaça Urquinaona. En aquell temps, disparava avellanes. No sabia que existien reglaments de veritat i els paracaigudistes alemanys i els ANZAC eren de llarg les meves figures preferides. Bé, m'estic desviant del tema. El cas és que buscant per internet em vaig topar amb un parell de links (veure més avall) i després de donar-li algunes voltes (no masses) m'he engrescat en un nou projecte: El Hobbit DBA en 1/72. Res de nou, ja ho sé, però és que no m'hi puc resistir.


I think that my favorite book is The Hobbit. I read it when I was a kid and I got fascinated. The image that I have of the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings is not really close to that one of the movies. For me, Gondor is like Bizantium, Rohan like the visigoths, Harad like the muslims… I have many Mithril miniatures, I love the images and ideas from ICE's rpg and the art of the sadly trespassed Angus McBride.

In the last months I've returned to the plastic world of 1/72. I say returning because when I was a kid (and now I'm 30) I used to play with Airfix, Matchbox and tanks of a Spanish company called Eko. My grandfather bought me a lot of them. My favorites being were paratroopers and ANZAC infantry. Well, looking through internet I found a couple of links (see below) and after a couple of days thinking I've decided to start a new project (another one!): The Hobbit DBA in 1/72. Nothing new, I know but I can't resist it.