Thursday, November 10, 2011

Results and painting of October

I van say that DBArcelona was great. And my catalans finished in a 9th position (of 18 players) which is not bad. First a victory against Chinese Ch'in in the open, second I lost against achaemenid persians but I won an Early Lybian army (wow! someone playing with early lybians). I also against a Granadine army and I lost with the muslim conquest.

At the end, not bad two victrories in the open and one against lybians and a really enjoyable convention. I came back home full handed with 4 packs of Perry isabelinos that I will start painting shortly.

For the painting totals of the month:

- 1 british foot regiment for the Bunker Hill project from IMEX/ACTA: 16 figures in 1/72.
- 1 unit of natal mounted natives from Hat: 6 foot figures + 6 mounted and one horse in 1/72.
- 1 unit of french dragons for Barcelona 2014 project converted from Zvezda russian GNW dragons: 6 mounted + 6 foot + 2 horses in 1/72
- Lieutenant General Cilly, commander of the french left wing at Barcelona: 3 foot figures and 3 horses.

Total: 31 foot, 12 mounted and 3 horses all in 1/72.

Not bad for this month