Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chasseurs de Montagne des Pyrénées Orientales

The whole battalion was in Catalonia between 1808 and 1811 fighting its detachments in countless small actions. It also fought as a complete unit in some important batles.


The unit enters Catalonia with Reille’s corps.
August: A detachment of 40 men fights at Campmany near Girona (06/08).
October: As garrison at Figueres fortress.
November-December: Siege of Roses (7/11) and frontier action at La Junquera (3/12). Transferred to Gouvion Saint-Cyr’s 7th Corps, Dv. Chabot counting 564 men.


The battalion spends the year garrisoning Barcelona and takes part in several small actions out of the city.
January-March: battle of Molins de Rey (20/1), action at Monistrol near Montserrat (16/2) at the end of March the unit has 313 men fit for service.
August –December: Under General Ordonneau fights in several actions around Barcelona: San Boi (12/08), Montealegre twice (9, 17/9), Badalona (17/10), Coll de Montcada (18/10) and the whole unit at Santa Coloma (6/11).


The whole battalion fights at Vic (20/2) but by the end of June, it only has 267 men fit for service. It is post as garrison at Montjuich fortress in Barcelona.
August-December: Small actions around Barcelona: Viladecans (19/8), Montcada (4/9), Pallejà (18/11), Sant Andreu (21/11), Montgat (28/11). The unit finishes the year with 126 men.


The unit is re-founded into the 1ere Bon Chasseurs de Montagne and fights at Sant Adrià (21/1), Montealegre (22/8) and Montgat (12/11). Finishes the year with only 50 men.


No important notices


Finally amalgamated into the 18eme légère.


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