Wednesday, October 9, 2013

2eme Chasseurs á Cheval Napolitaines


The unit that fought in Spain was composed the 1st and 2nd squadrons counting 380 men and 390 horses. It formed part of the Duhesme Corps, Schwartz cavalry brigade.
June: Action at Montgat (16/06) and action at the Llobregat (20/06) were 200 men were engaged.
July: Both squadrons at the 2nd siege of Girona (22/07).
November: The two squadrons, counting 224 men and 196 horses fought in the siege of Rosas within the 1st division Reille, 2nd brigade Guillot (07/11).
December: Engagement at Creu Coberta at the outskirts of Barcelona (5/12). During the battle of Molins de Rei was situated in the left wing guarding the artillery park (21/12).


The regiment fought in the 3rd siege of Girona (2/05 – 11/12). In october the 3rd squadron arrived at Figueras.


The regiment spends the year doing police duties near Girona, Besalú and Perelada.


March-September: The regiment changes from the army of Catalonia to the army of Aragon. One squadron (91 men) stays in Zaragoza (Div. Compere) and the other (101 men) in Calatayud.
October: 66 men in Oropesa and Sagunto.


January to August: 71 men guarding the road between Castellón and Tortosa. 200 men fight in the action of Utiel (25/08).


Not clear if they fought at Castalla. It seems that in April passed to British service.


The miniatures are French Chasseurs á Cheval from Sash and Saber. They are not bad miniatures and are really cheap. They are closer to 25mm than to 28mm. My only complaint is the swords that are too thick looking like a club.
The paints are Vallejo and the shadows and varnish from The Army Painter.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fortresses in Catalonia (I). La Torre Blava de Vilanova i la Geltrú.

To begin with this series of post, I'll show you this small tower that can be found in Vilanova i la Geltrú. For those of you from outside Spain, Vilanova is a coastal village between Barcelona and Tarragona. It has a good harbour that with those of Palamós (in Girona), Sant Carles de la Ràpita near the Ebro Delta (in Tarragona) and of course Tarragona and Barcelona are the big ones in Catalonia.
During the Third Carlist War (1872-1876) people were scared of possible seaborn carlist raids and several defense towers were built. This one, called La Torre Blava (Blue Tower) or Torre de Ribes Roges is still present and fully reconstructed. It has several rifle pits on its top and i seems to have three different flors. During the Spanish Civil War was used as a watch tower in a defense line of bunkers and trenches.
It was never attacked.

Visiting castles, fortresses and battlefields.

Over the years, I've developed some kind of collectionism disease about visiting castles, fortresses and battlefields. My wife and family are now used to it and know that if we go on vacation we will visit some kind of "inspiration for wargaming shrine". When I got married, my wife and I went to Corsica and apart from mountains, beach and monuments, of course we went to the house were Napoleon was born in Ajaccio and the house were he was living prior to the failed invasion of Sardinia (in Bonifacio) my wife at one point asked me: "Ok, what's wrong between you and Napoleon?". I think that was at that point that she realised the truth behind being married to a wargamer.
I have been lucky enough to have visited some deifferent countries and to live in a place where military heritage from the iberians to the XX century can be found almost everywhere and I have been collecting pictures of all this places. I think that I will post them here to share this trully sources of inspiration with all of you.

Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Upgrading my forest

Several months ago, I published a post explaining how to built cheap trees for wargames. One of the comments I received was something like: nice hula-hoop trees...Well you know, the kind of comments that move you to make things better. I decided to upgrade my trees so I bought a couple of bags of 30oz of woodland scenics polyfiber I glued the fibers onto my trees and I added some leaf effects. All glued with spray glue.
Here I show you the before and the after. Good results with a relative small amount of work.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free Scenario to download! Baranda 1836 First Carlist War.

After a loong period of no blogging, no painting and no wargaming I'm back with a present to all the community. I'm posting a free wargame scenario for the First Carlist War. This is the first engagement in what was called the Gomez expedition so you can expect more scenarios comming soon. At one time I was willing to do some kind of scenario book but after seeing kingscarbine master work: "All honour is lost" I realized that I need to work really hard.
I think that the orbat (specially the isabellino) is something original, never before published. If you play it and you like it please let me know and if you find something odd or some bad spelling please correct me.
By the way, the map is brother's contribution and he is looking for job so if you work for a design company and know about a vacant...

Here you have the scenario: Baranda 1836

Friday, April 26, 2013

New blog

Dear Gentlemen,

I've started a new blog to post my ramblings related with Fantasy and ScyFi. Stay tunned


Thursday, April 18, 2013

More on 1/72 greeks

After my Basic Impetus Macedonian army, I've painted an Hellenistic elephant. This beauty comes from Zvezda and can be used in several Diadochoi armies including the army of Pyrrhos.
I like the idea of successors battles that are like a sumo combat. Boths armies with a huge phalanx and a lot of elephants trying to push to each other.
As I did with the phalangites, I've replaced tthe original plastic pikes with wire ones because almost everytime, the slim plastic pikes get bent.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Alexander's army for Basic Impetus 1/72 (or wargaming on the cheap).

After some time with 28mm miniatures, I think it’s time to post something in 1/72. The great thing about these miniatures is that you can have some “low cost fun” especially if you add a free set of rules. You can have both things with Basic Impetus and soft plastic miniatures.
With less than 15€ is possible to have an army (stay tuned for my future Spartan army) and seriously, with an average price of 8€/box you will have much more miniatures that time to paint them.
I’ve started with a Macedonian army under Philip or Alexander. It has a total of 9 stands with a good variety of troops: One stand of Heavy Cavalry (Alexander and companions), one of medium cavalry (Greek cavalry), one stand of light cavalry (Thracians), one stand of elite light infantry (the hypaspists), two of pikemen (the pezetairoi), one of light infantry (Greek peltast) an two stands of skirmishers (Cretan archers and Agrianian javelinmen). The unit sizes are thosefor 15mm miniatures to save miniatures for future stands.
This army however is really cheap because there are miniatures from 4 different boxes and I’ve purchased shield decals. The overall cost was around 25€ and there are a lot of miniatures unpainted that will be used in the future Basic impetus to Impetus step forward. The miniatures are Zvezda and Hat and the transfers from Little big men studio. The paintjob is done with Vallejo and the army painter products.
Now I’m waiting for the early republican romans of my friend Francesc to start playing with them.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Failed rescue attempt

Encampment of the A company, XXXI Pennsylvania Volonteers.
Dear Lis,
I write you this letter just after our last skirmish to let you know that, thanks God, I’m still alive. I say so because I’m beginning to believe that our Captain is a complete fool. Aftera our last terrible encounter with the rebs, where we had two prisoners, he decided it was time to go and rescue them. The problem was that the tennesseans were waiting us with heavy artillery and thanks to their pickets completely aware of us. Half of our company which was commanded by our Captain got entangled in the woods and arrived late to the fighting (quiet strange) the other half company, under my command, supported the heavy fusillade and artillery of the rebels for nearly an hour suffering heavy loses. The southeners were capable to scape with our prisoners and almost unharmed.
Thanks the almighty I’m completely safe and ready for another encounter. I pray for you and our daughters
Joseph O. Waterwell.