Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011

Well, if summer was awfull regarding to painted miniatures, september has been worse. Going back to work (I'm a teacher) was not refreshing and added to my daughter who is 9 months and started to crawl...I only painted a couple of French batteries for the Barcelona 1714 project.

I also got introduced in the scenery construction with a set of roads.

So... 2 batteries = 2 guns and 7 figures (a big gun has 4 artillerymen) all from Zvezda GNW Russian artillery.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scenery on a budget (I). Making roads

There is a time whem every wargamer feels that he needs more scenery. In my case, things went this way: I started years ago collecting and painting miniatures, last year I bought a table, a green cloth and some model trees and finally I made some fields out of an old carpet.
Well, after severall battles I feel that I need more things: roads, rivers, hills, a true forest (no scattered trees), a village, orchards, a fortress... My permanent problem is money. If I buy miniatures I cannot buy scenery so...

Well, in this first post I tried to make a modular road without spending too much money.


- 3 DM pieces of about 3mm and dimensions of 20x30cm.
- Modelling saw.
- Flint paper.
- Marker.
- Can of glue in spray for free, it was at home from a previous project.
- Sand for the texture, free it comes from the beach of Barcelona.
- Two big brushes, cheap from a craft store.
- Paint. From Vallejo, not model color but hobby craft line instead (the big ones).
- Green grass. The same I use for the bases. Free, I have a decent stock at home.
- Matt varnish

Total cost: Les than 15 Euros


With the marker, draw the road sections on the DM boards. I made straigh sections of 30cm (about 1ft) long and 5cm wide plus two "T" sections the same length and several irregular curved sections.


Cut the sections with the saw. They don't need to be perfect cut. After all its an earth road, not a padded way.


With the flint paper smoth the endings of the road


Spray the road sections with glue and cover with sand. Let dry


Paint the roads and drybrush with a lighter color if you want.


Put grass at the road limits and at the center.


Apply matt varnsih and let dry

At the end you get a decent road that in my case is capable to cover all my table in both directions.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Juliol/Agost 2011

Juliol/Agost 2011

Tenint en compte que les meves vacances han ocupat part de tots dos mesos i que durant les vacances poc he pintat, es pot dir que aquest mesos han estat bastant penosos pel que a calendari de pintat es refereix. Això no vol dir que no hagi pintat absolutament res. Alguna cosa s'ha fet.

Durant els dos mesos s'ha pintat:

Regiment Prinz Friederich del duc de Brunswick per a la Guerra Independència Americana. Les figures son de Hat en 1/72 i encara no estan a la venda. Son TestShots de la seva futura gamma de prussians per la Guerra dels 7 anys.

Continuant amb el Projecte Barcelona 2014 he pintat 4 companyies de la Coronela de Barcelona: fadrins sastres, taverners, ferrers i calderers i llibreters i flassaders. De Zvezda en 1/72

Finalment he tornat als 28mm amb una nova campanya. 1a Guerra Carlina. Infante Don Sebastian i estat major dels germans Perry. Absolutament fabuloses.


1/72 a peu:

Regiment Prinz Friederich @ 16 figures = 16
4 companyies de la Coronela @ 2 figures per companyia = 8

1/72 a cavall:

1 coronel del regiment Prinz Frederich = 1


Infant Don Sebastian i Estat Major = 3 figures muntades

Total: 24 figures de 1/72 a peu, 1 a cavall i 3 de 28mm a cavall.

July/August 2011

Taking into account that my vacations were between July and Auguts and that I have not paint anything during this period, I can say that both month have been a little bit discouraging referred to miniature painting. However it doesn't mean that nothing have been painted. There is always something that can be done.

In this two months I have painted:

Prinz Friederich regiment from Brunswick to be used in the American War of Independence. The miniatures are TestShots from Hat in 1/72 and are not for sale at the moment. They will be Prussian infantry for the 7YW.
Following with my Barcelona 2014 project I've painted 4 companies of the urban militia of Barcelona (Coronela de Barcelona). From Zvezda in 1/72

Finally I've started a new campaign in 28mm. 1st Carlist War of course with Perry miniatures. At this moment only with a command pack of Infante Don Sebastian and ADCs.


1/72 on foot:

Prinz Friederich regiment @ 16 figures = 16
4 Coronela companies @ 2 figures/company = 8

1/72 horse:

1 officer Prinz Frederich = 1


Infante Don Sebastian and ADCs = 3 figures on horse

Total: 24 figures 1/72 foot, 1 on horse and 3 in 28mm on horse.