Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feliç 2012

Benvolguts companys,

Us desitjo a tots un feliç 2012. No deixeu de pintar, penseu que durant aquest any que comença celebrarem el bicentenari de la campanya de Rússia, el de la batalla de los Arapiles i el 150 aniversari de la Guerra Civil Americana entre molts altres events.

A disfrutar-lo


Friday, December 23, 2011

XLIII on foot

One of the best experiences in my life occurred while I was living in Pennsylvania. I met a gentleman who invited me to his reenactent group, The 43rd on foot and I took part in the Battle of Germantown 2010 refight. I'm not new in reenactment. I take the role of a roman soldier every year in Tarragona but being in a line formation with more people firing blackpowder volleys was amazing!. You can feel the adrenaline rush inside your body and start guessing how could be in a real battle. I felt biting the cartridge, reloading and firing at the NCO orders as an automat. Trully it was awesome.

I post some pictures of the event. By the way, the redcoat with Union Jack of 43rd regiment at his back its me.

As a bonus, I post the painted 1/72 regiment prepared to assault Bunker Hill. Miniatures from ACTA (one of the best sets ever), painting with Vallejo and army painter and based to play "British Grenadier". Flags from "Flags for the Lads".

Monday, December 19, 2011

WSS French Dragoons

Following with the Barcelona 1714 project, I've converted some miniatures to create an unit of french dragoons. It seems that there where a Dragoon regiment in the Bourbon Left wing under the command of De Cilly. It comprised 300 troopers and took part in the last assault to the city forming in the third wave.
Little is known about this unit. It was called dragoons de Rochefort but not the uniform nor the flag are known so following the help of my catalan wargame fellows: I painted them red and blue and gave them the flag that can be downloaded from this site.

The conversion is an easy one using green stuff to model the hat. Nevertheless is may firts conversion and I'm quite happy with them. The original miniatures are GNW Russian Dragoons from Zvezda. Being a dragoon unit, it can fight both mounted or dismounted.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marquis de Cilly

The Marquis de Cilly was the commander of the left wing in front of Barcelona in 1714. It has a powerfull corps with 9 french bons and a regiment of dragoons.
Here is depicted with the colonel of La Marine regiment that formed at full strength with its three bons at Cilly's orders. An ADC dragoon is holding his horse at the rear.

The miniatures are Zvezda from three different sets: Artillery of Peter the Great (Cilly), Swedish infantry (the colonel) and dragoons of Peter the Great (ADC and horses), The dragoon have been converted by removing the tricorne and modelling a dragoon hat with green stuff.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking to the future

With november finished, its time to look at what I have done this month. There have been no painting but a lot of scenenry construction.
I have created a group of hills, some fencing for ACW/AWI games and a complete zulu village. I will post pictures of all of themm soon. I'm realy happy with the results.

As new things, my mate Francesc and myself are starting a new project of 28mm Terrible Sharp Sword (Yes the ACW game from too fat lardies). We are going to order a complete infntry brigade from the Perry's and divide the miniatures and the cost. For only 45pounds we can start playing the game because we are going to get 3 boxes of infantry: 108 miniatures to make a small company of union troops (my troops) and another small company of rebels plus two guns and a mounted officer (maybe the price for th winner of the first game).

On the other side, I'm slowlly building a Isabelino brigade for the First Carlist War.

In the following posts, pictures of the painted miniatures and the progress of my company during the war will appear.