Friday, July 29, 2016

French Artillery

Today I show you my french foot artillery battery.

I'm quite happy with the unit and they are ready to deliver some steel to any thin red line that would appear.

It's composed of two 8 pdrs and a 6 inch howitzer.
In addition to the artilleryment, there is a command base with and officer and a drummer.
The unit is a mix and match of four different manufacturers:

The artillerymen from Brigade Games. I love the style of this company.
The guns and the officer are from Front Rank. A classic
The drummer comes from a limited edition of miniatures from the here and were purchased back in 2013.
Finally, the muskets are some spare parts from Eureka miniatures.

All of them painted using Vallejo Acrylics and sepia wash.
I still need to figure how to take some good pictures.


  1. I think they are very nice. I like the separately based gunners. I had not thought of that for an entire gun crew. I did base three British gunners like you did because I had them spare at the time.