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2eme Regiment Suisse, 3eme bon.

The regiment was composed of three battalions that started the war scattered through the entire Peninsula. I’m going to explain each battalion in detail. 

1st Bon.

Was at Vitoria with 1174 men. Corps Dupont, 3rd dv. Frere, 1st brg. Godinot.

April: Moved to El Escorial.

June: Action at Valencia (28/06).

July/August: moves from Madrid to Burgos (831 men).

September: Fights at Osma (12/09) and Oña (21/09).

November: Fights at Gamonal or Battle of Burgos (10/11) in the 2nd Corps of Soult, 2nd dv. Merle, Lefebvre brg. Then moves from Reinosa to Santander (15/11).

December: At Leon with 644 men.


January: Present at Corunna (16/11) but does not take an active role in the fight because the battalion has left several garrisons on the road. Fights at El Ferrol (24/01) losing two officers.

March: Enters at Portugal with the 2nd Corps (Soult), 2nd dv. Mermet, Jardon Brg. Fights at Chaves (25/03) and Oporto (29/03).

May: Battle of Oporto (12/05).


January: After the withdrawal from Portugal the bon. garrisons the area Valladolid-Palencia.

November: Garrisons Zamora province were some skirmishes against Julian Sánchez guerrillas occurs at Puente Santo (21/11) and Fuente Sauco (24/11) in this last one only 50 men are involved.


Remains in the area Zamora – Salamanca. In 1813 returns to France. Only 127 men remain from the original 1174.

2nd bon


Was at Abrantes (Portugal) with 755men. Corps Junot, Thomieres brg.

April: Moves from Lisboa to the Alentejo

July/August: Garrisons the fortress of Elvas.

With the convention of Cintra the regiment is returned to France.


January: Arrives at Quiberon (24/01) with 315 men.

3rd bon.

Was at Catalonia with 580 men. Corps Duhesme, Chabran dv.

April: At Barcelona

June: Fights at the first battle of el Bruc (06/06) forming the vanguard of the brigade and taking several casualties.

July/August: a detachment of the 2nd bon. and further 150 men form the 3rd arrived at Catalonia as reinforcements in dv. Reille. The 3rd bon. fights at La Roca del Vallès (05/07) and the detachment of the 2nd at Roses (11/07). The 3rd bon. fights at the siege of Girona

November: The 3rd bon and the detachment of the 2nd are amalgamated in Barcelona counting around 400 men.

December: fights at the Battle of Molins de Rei (21/12).


Remains as garrison troops in Barcelona, 7 Corps Saint-Cyr, dv. Chabran (484 men).


Remains garrisoning Barcelona and Vilafranca del Penedès.


Fights near Barcelona (19/03) and at the siege of Figueres (april). By the end of the year only 156 men are fit for duty.


In Catalonia until 1814 that returns to France.


I have only painted one battalion (of course). As I'm painting mainly units that fought in Catalonia, this unit should be the 3rd battalion of the 2eme suisse.

28mm miniatures from French Line Infantry from Victrix. Painted with Vallejo. The shadows and varnish are from The Army Painter. Flags from Maverick Model Flags


Base de datos de la Guerra de la Independencia. Instituto de Cultura e Historia Militar.

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