Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sahagun 1808 refight

My friend Francesc and I refought the small batlle of Sahagun. We used Sharp Practice with 3 three groups of Elite British Hussars (the 15th) against two groups of average french dragoons (8th dragoons) and one group of poor chasseurs a cheval (the auxiliary chasseurs).
We supposed appaling weather conditions which basically allowed the british to get really close to the french.
The affaire was really close to the historical battle with the chasseurs fliing after the first charge and the halted dragoons shoting his carbines before receiving the charge.
At the end, a british victory (congratulations Francesc) but hard fought by the 8th dragoons.

NOTE: After watching frozen, my daughters put a troll in a balcony...lovelly ladies.

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