Wednesday, September 17, 2014

II battalion, 2nd Italian Line Regiment

Italian 2nd Line Infantry Regiment

The unit entered Spain in Duhesme’s Corps (2n battalion) in 1808 and with Saint-Cyr’s corps (1st and 3rd) at the end of 1808.


The battalion was composed of between 601 and 740 men and formed part of the Duhesme Corps, 2nd Division (Lecchi), 1st Bigade (Millossewitz).

June: First siege of Girona (20/06).
September: Small engagement in San Boi de Llobregat (02/09) where only 1 soldier was killed.
December: With the arrival of Saint Cyr’s corps, the full regiment is formed in Barcelona totaling 1497 men in three battalions. The regiments fights at Llinars-Cardedeu (16/12) and Molins de Rei (21/12).


The whole regiment at the 7th Corps (Saint-Cyr), Lecchi Division. The battalion fought in the 3rd siege of Girona (2/05 – 11/12).


Garrison duty in Barcelona 7th Corps (Augereau).
December: In anaction near Llinars against the Husares españoles regiment 217 Italian soldiers are made prisoners.


The regiment is transferred from the army of Catalonia to the army of Aragon.
Between 1811 and the end of the war it doesn’t participate in major actions.

Perry plastic miniatures painted using Vallejo acrylics and The Army Painter products. Flag from GMB flags.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Carlist War small encounter

Several weeks ago, my mate Francesc (isabellino) and me (carlist) had a small affair involving all my painted miniatures for the first Carlist War. It resulted in two carlist battalions plus two squadrons and a small party of guerrilla against two isabellino line batallions, one FFL battalion and an artillery section. It was a complete destruction of the carlist brigade as the isabellino were waiting in a trully confortable way the arrival of the carlist while they were delivering volley after volley of musketry and cannon fire. By the end of tha game, the carlist cavalry reached an isabellino battalion...that fromed square in an admirable way resulting in the complete destruction of the troopers.

Not a bad game but a little bit boring because I spent the whole game trying to cross the battlefield under heavy lead rain. Francesc did a good job really professional. ow, I'm painting a carlist mountain gun to give the liberals a little of their own medicine.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Carlist Brigade

Well, at last I can show you a complete Carlist Brigade. Two infantry battalions, two cavalry squadrons and command. Now I can play a small battle with my previous posted Isabellino brigade.
There are not alot of miniatures but family and work are strong time consumers.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Carlist command

Now, I present the carlist command. 4 figures from two different sets: Infante Don Sebastian and adc and lancers command. Superb figures from the Perrys painted with Vallejo and The Army Painter products.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carlist cavalry

After the two infantry battalions I presented in the last post, today I'll post you my first carlist cavalry. They are painted as Navarrese lancers in green an red and will form two squadrons (4 figures each). They are equiped with lances.
Of course Perry miniatures, vallejo paints, the army painter products and Adolfo Ramos lance pennants.

Thanks for looking

Monday, March 31, 2014

Carlist Infantry

Today I post two battalions of carlist infantry for the First Carlist war. They are uniformed in a generic fashion with blue beretts, red trousers and grey greatcoats. Since I'm planning to use them for the Gomez expedition, they are "Batallones Castellanos" so all the infantry that was not basque, navarrese, aragonese, catalan or valencian.
Of course the miniatures are Perry, painted with vallejo colours and The Army painter products. The "original" item are the flags. My flag supplier (Adolfo Ramos) doesn't have Castillian flags. It's funny because thereare a lot of different flags but apparently no one knows for sure how was the flag carried in Batallones Castellanos. Since it seems that the common flag design for carlist infantry was the red St. Andrews Cross and the provincial shield of each region, I bought a generic Adolfo Ramos flag and I my brother Robert helped with the design.

My brother happens to be and arquitect who knows a lot of photoshop and these kind of things so It was really easy for him to create the wonderfull flags that I present here.

By the way, my brother is now trying to stablish himself in the UK so if you need and arquitect or some type of design work you can contact him here. I'm sure he will do a good job.
He also was the illustrator of the map that can be found in my "download free scenario Baranda 1836" so yes, he also can work in the wargame industry.