Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Carlist War small encounter

Several weeks ago, my mate Francesc (isabellino) and me (carlist) had a small affair involving all my painted miniatures for the first Carlist War. It resulted in two carlist battalions plus two squadrons and a small party of guerrilla against two isabellino line batallions, one FFL battalion and an artillery section. It was a complete destruction of the carlist brigade as the isabellino were waiting in a trully confortable way the arrival of the carlist while they were delivering volley after volley of musketry and cannon fire. By the end of tha game, the carlist cavalry reached an isabellino battalion...that fromed square in an admirable way resulting in the complete destruction of the troopers.

Not a bad game but a little bit boring because I spent the whole game trying to cross the battlefield under heavy lead rain. Francesc did a good job really professional. ow, I'm painting a carlist mountain gun to give the liberals a little of their own medicine.