Thursday, September 15, 2016

They arrived yesterday...(A tale of a sharp practicer 1)

Yesterday evening I found a parcel at home. It contained the Westfalia Persians I was waiting so now, I can start preparing my core force for SP2.

The miniatures are very clean, having almost no flash, and really nice. My only complain is that some line infantry has too short bayonets because they break without difficulty. However, that is not a problem for me because I have plenty of spare plastic bayonets from Perry or Victrix Napoleonics.

I have 4 packs of line infantry (24minis) plus 1 command pack (6minis):

1 pack of afghan skirmishers (6 figures)

2 packs of kurdish heavy cavalry (8 figures)

1 camel gun and the high command pack that includes a mounted Shah, a walking officer, a mule handler and its mule and a British advisor. This last miniature will be really usefull for my Peninsular games but I think I won't use it for this project as I'm thinking on a different period and enemy to fight my Persians...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New miniatures coming for Sharp Practice 2

All of you have felt that feeling realated to a compulsory desire to buy new miniatures.
Well, that happened to me when I first saw the Westfalia miniatures Napoleonic Persians: when they appeared a year ago, I kenew that I needed them and I bought some packs.
Sadly, they ended on the lead pile waiting for some spare time to being painted.

However, the appearance of Sharp Practice II and the idea of running an ImagiCampaign, has moved me to... Yes, buy more miniatures to finish up my army. So by the end of August I made a small order to Westfalia that added to those already in my collection gives me:

- Three units of 8 regulars
- 1 unit of 8 Kurdish heavy cavalry
- 1 unit of 6 afghan skirmishers
- 1 camel gun.
- 1 mule and handler
- Enough command for the big men.

And now, here I am waiting for my miniatures and eager to begin with this new project.