Monday, February 15, 2016

29th regiment Worcestershire

The unit was founded in 1694 and fought at Ramillies, Saratoga, The Glourious First of June acting as marines on the HMS Brunswick and were among the responsibles of the Boston “massacre” earning the nickname “Vein Openers” for causing the first deaths of a war. The regimental hymn during the Napoleonic wars was “The Royal Windsor” (1791).

During the Peninsula War:


August: Fights at Roliça (17/08) within Nightingale Brigade with 806-863 men. Its lieutenant Coronel, Lake dies in the battle. Then at Vimeiro (21/08) with 616 men.
October: Arrives at Badajoz (27/10).


March: Marches from Cadiz to Lisboa (11/03).
April-May: At the river Tagus (22/04); the light company fights at Grijó (11/05) and the whole battalion (622 men) fights at Oporto, Div. Paget, Bg. Stewart forming the right wing of the army.
July: Force present: 598 men. Fights at Cerro Medellín (Talavera) in 2n Div. Hill, Stewart Bg. and taking 187 casualties.


September-November: Present at Bussaco (27/09) with 461 men where suffers no casualties (Hill Dv. Inglis Bg.) and at Torres Vedras (01/11) within Houghton Bg.


May: Battle of Albuera (16/05) Stewart Dv. Houghton Bg. were it fights with 507 men taking 336 casualties (66%). The remnants of the regiment sent back to England (25/05).


Garrison duties in North America


Sent back to Spain. Disembarks at Cadiz (21/03) remaining there until 1814.


24 Perry miniatures painted with Acrílicos Vallejo. Flags by GMB Designs.


  1. Looks good, clean paint job and nice bit of history too. I use GMB flags too and colour match the edges, using paint or pens, to remove the white line that otherwise shows up around the edge of the flag.

  2. Replies
    1. Watch out for "bleeding" if using pens though.

  3. Very neat painting, much better than mine.

  4. How did anyone die in Roliça if the french retreated during the whole battle? Perhaps a sneaky voltigeur?
    Nice figs as always

  5. It is nice to see another gamer who bases his soldiers makes casualty removal so much easier.

    A very nicely painted and based unit. Well done.