Monday, July 27, 2015

Fortresses of Pisa

When I got married in 2009 I went to Pisa (apart from other places).
Pisa is a beautifull place with the well known inclinated tower. But from a wargaming/militar history point of view, Pisa has some defensive constructions of interest like The Citadella Nuova that was started in 1440 and suffered heavy changes in 1798 when it was converted into a residencial palazzo.

Even more interesting is the Torre Guelfa and the Citadella. The tower was built in 1406 during the first Florentine domination, almost destroyed in 1944 and reconstructed in 1956.

By the way, the beautiful lady that appears in one photo is my wife who still loves me after 6 years of taking pictures of forts, castles, walls and baluards.

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  1. I went there, but hadn't had the chance to visit the citadel, nice pics