Monday, July 27, 2015

2nd Battalions of the 1st and 2nd regiments of the Garde de Paris


The second battalion of both 1st and 2nd regiments of the Garde de Paris formed within Dupond’s Corps, Barbou Division. The II/1st with 707men and the II/2nd with 747 men. They depart to Cadiz in May 25. The first battalions fought in northern Spain

June: the two battalions fight at Alcolea (18/6) taking the bridge and suffering heavy casualties with 14 officers dead and wounded. The 21 of June at Andújar with 893 men.

July: Battle of Bailen (19/7) with 10 officers dead and wounded and both battalions as prisoners. They ended as prisoners in Cabrera Island in very bad condition with low supply of food and water committing in some cases cannibalism.

Note about the uniforms. There is some debate as if the uniforms where red and green (the old ones) or they had the new white uniforms (with green turnbacks for the 1st regiment and red turnbacks for the 2nd). As Francisco Vela points in his book “Bailen 1808” ed. Almena, We know for sure that they were dressed in white because Pedro Agustín Girón, Marques de las Amarillas, who fought them at Alcolea, tells in his memoirs “the French were dressed as my grenadiers” he was the coronel of the Provincial Grenadiers (whose uniform was white faced red)

CREDITS: 28mm Victrix miniatures painted with Vallejo paints and The Army Painter products. Flags from Maverick Model Flags.

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