Friday, July 12, 2013

Visiting castles, fortresses and battlefields.

Over the years, I've developed some kind of collectionism disease about visiting castles, fortresses and battlefields. My wife and family are now used to it and know that if we go on vacation we will visit some kind of "inspiration for wargaming shrine". When I got married, my wife and I went to Corsica and apart from mountains, beach and monuments, of course we went to the house were Napoleon was born in Ajaccio and the house were he was living prior to the failed invasion of Sardinia (in Bonifacio) my wife at one point asked me: "Ok, what's wrong between you and Napoleon?". I think that was at that point that she realised the truth behind being married to a wargamer.
I have been lucky enough to have visited some deifferent countries and to live in a place where military heritage from the iberians to the XX century can be found almost everywhere and I have been collecting pictures of all this places. I think that I will post them here to share this trully sources of inspiration with all of you.

Hope you enjoy them.

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