Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free Scenario to download! Baranda 1836 First Carlist War.

After a loong period of no blogging, no painting and no wargaming I'm back with a present to all the community. I'm posting a free wargame scenario for the First Carlist War. This is the first engagement in what was called the Gomez expedition so you can expect more scenarios comming soon. At one time I was willing to do some kind of scenario book but after seeing kingscarbine master work: "All honour is lost" I realized that I need to work really hard.
I think that the orbat (specially the isabellino) is something original, never before published. If you play it and you like it please let me know and if you find something odd or some bad spelling please correct me.
By the way, the map is brother's contribution and he is looking for job so if you work for a design company and know about a vacant...

Here you have the scenario: Baranda 1836

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