Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Failed rescue attempt

Encampment of the A company, XXXI Pennsylvania Volonteers.
Dear Lis,
I write you this letter just after our last skirmish to let you know that, thanks God, I’m still alive. I say so because I’m beginning to believe that our Captain is a complete fool. Aftera our last terrible encounter with the rebs, where we had two prisoners, he decided it was time to go and rescue them. The problem was that the tennesseans were waiting us with heavy artillery and thanks to their pickets completely aware of us. Half of our company which was commanded by our Captain got entangled in the woods and arrived late to the fighting (quiet strange) the other half company, under my command, supported the heavy fusillade and artillery of the rebels for nearly an hour suffering heavy loses. The southeners were capable to scape with our prisoners and almost unharmed.
Thanks the almighty I’m completely safe and ready for another encounter. I pray for you and our daughters
Joseph O. Waterwell.

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