Monday, April 8, 2013

Alexander's army for Basic Impetus 1/72 (or wargaming on the cheap).

After some time with 28mm miniatures, I think it’s time to post something in 1/72. The great thing about these miniatures is that you can have some “low cost fun” especially if you add a free set of rules. You can have both things with Basic Impetus and soft plastic miniatures.
With less than 15€ is possible to have an army (stay tuned for my future Spartan army) and seriously, with an average price of 8€/box you will have much more miniatures that time to paint them.
I’ve started with a Macedonian army under Philip or Alexander. It has a total of 9 stands with a good variety of troops: One stand of Heavy Cavalry (Alexander and companions), one of medium cavalry (Greek cavalry), one stand of light cavalry (Thracians), one stand of elite light infantry (the hypaspists), two of pikemen (the pezetairoi), one of light infantry (Greek peltast) an two stands of skirmishers (Cretan archers and Agrianian javelinmen). The unit sizes are thosefor 15mm miniatures to save miniatures for future stands.
This army however is really cheap because there are miniatures from 4 different boxes and I’ve purchased shield decals. The overall cost was around 25€ and there are a lot of miniatures unpainted that will be used in the future Basic impetus to Impetus step forward. The miniatures are Zvezda and Hat and the transfers from Little big men studio. The paintjob is done with Vallejo and the army painter products.
Now I’m waiting for the early republican romans of my friend Francesc to start playing with them.

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  1. Very nice work on these fine sculpts. Best, Dean