Monday, December 19, 2011

WSS French Dragoons

Following with the Barcelona 1714 project, I've converted some miniatures to create an unit of french dragoons. It seems that there where a Dragoon regiment in the Bourbon Left wing under the command of De Cilly. It comprised 300 troopers and took part in the last assault to the city forming in the third wave.
Little is known about this unit. It was called dragoons de Rochefort but not the uniform nor the flag are known so following the help of my catalan wargame fellows: I painted them red and blue and gave them the flag that can be downloaded from this site.

The conversion is an easy one using green stuff to model the hat. Nevertheless is may firts conversion and I'm quite happy with them. The original miniatures are GNW Russian Dragoons from Zvezda. Being a dragoon unit, it can fight both mounted or dismounted.

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  1. Great looking conversions and painting. Best, Dean