Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking to the future

With november finished, its time to look at what I have done this month. There have been no painting but a lot of scenenry construction.
I have created a group of hills, some fencing for ACW/AWI games and a complete zulu village. I will post pictures of all of themm soon. I'm realy happy with the results.

As new things, my mate Francesc and myself are starting a new project of 28mm Terrible Sharp Sword (Yes the ACW game from too fat lardies). We are going to order a complete infntry brigade from the Perry's and divide the miniatures and the cost. For only 45pounds we can start playing the game because we are going to get 3 boxes of infantry: 108 miniatures to make a small company of union troops (my troops) and another small company of rebels plus two guns and a mounted officer (maybe the price for th winner of the first game).

On the other side, I'm slowlly building a Isabelino brigade for the First Carlist War.

In the following posts, pictures of the painted miniatures and the progress of my company during the war will appear.

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