Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Royal Velites of the Italian Guard

The unit which fought in Catalonia was the Velite Grenadier of the Guard. This unit and a detachment of the Italian Guard Artillery Train were the only Guard Units which entered Catalonia within Duhesme’s Corps.


The battalion was composed of between 407 and 519 men and formed part of the Duhesme Corps, 2nd Division (Pino), 1st Bigade (Millossewitz).

June: First action of El Bruc (06/06). Formed part of the vanguard of the Schwartz brigade (with the 3rd bon of 2nd Swiss regiment) received a severe fusillade from the somatents. First siege of Girona (20/06).

September-November: Small engagement in San Boi de Llobregat (02/09) where 4 officers were killed, Battle of San Cugat (12/10) one officer wounded. A small detachment of 122 men fought in the siege of Rosas (Div. Pino).

December: Engagement at Creu Coberta at the outskirts of Barcelona (5/12). During the battle of Molins de Rei was situated in the left wing guarding the artillery park (21/12.


The battalion fought in the 3rd siege of Girona (2/05 – 11/12). At the end of the year the unit quitted the peninsula to fight in other theaters.


The miniatures are Wargames Foundry french imperial guard grenadiers and chasseurs that I had in my lead pile from long ago the officer is one of my favourite miniatures. 12 miniatures that form a nice little unit painted with Vallejo paints and The Army Painter shades and varnish.
This unit didn't have a flag so after some research (follow this link for discussion on TMP) and the help of the TMP members Prince of Essling and XV Brigada(who sent me a scan) I decided to make a guidon for the unit.


  1. Very nice painting, and not a unit that you see often!

  2. These guys are great, you did a good job.