Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scenery on a budged (II). The woods.

Every wargamer wants a wood that covers the main part of his table.
Sometimes seems that only wood elves or native americans are confortable with woods but the truth is that woods are the most important scenery items.

I tried to buy ready made trees but altough the look terrific, the price is not so good and at the end you end using 5 trees to represent a whole wooded area.

Thaks God, nowadays we have the help of internet an looking through all the blogs, posts and DIY webs I came across with a trully inspiring one.

The gentlemen not only makes his own miniatures but has a lot of good ideas to make really good looking scenery.

I tried to copy his idea of making trees with not so good results but good enough for me.


- CD's to use as tree bases.
- green matt used in railroad modelling to cover the cds.
- natural branches, from my brother's in law backyard but you now, you can go to a public park or take them during a family trip to the mountains...
- contact glue.
- kitchenware scrubbers. That green material that is really cheap.
- green paints.
- glue in spray.
- green flock.

In the pictures you will see that my main problem is that my trees look too much "shaped with scissors". Some of them look too unnatural but this will be solved adding more flock and more small pieces of green scrubber to fill the angles.

Afterall, I made 10 tree stands in less than a week and they look really good on the tabletop.

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