Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maurice. The new game from Sam Mustafa

Today I cheecked my email and I found a flyer from Sam Mustafa announcing his new game, Maurice (named after Maréchal de Saxe) a COMPLETE game for 1690-1790 period. When I say complete I mean: rules for tabletop battles + campaign game mechanics + some RPG rules to move the internal affairs of the realm that can directly affect on your command. Things of the style of: The King's nephew in 4th grade has received a command in your army and you MUST accept him and give a commanda according to his rank...Absolutelly awesome.

I'm really amazed with the idea of running a campaign in this period and I'm preparing armies in 1/72. Sam says that a table of 6'x 4' its enough and that about 50 bases/army its ok to play the campaign.

But please, check yourself the website and download the flyer.

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